Lorenplast: labels and tags

Production of Made in Italy tags and labels

A cutting-edge company

Lorenplast has been producing plastic labels, cardstock labels, anti-removal seals, security tags and various displays and fittings. Founded by brothers Gabriele and Maurizio, the company is among the best Italian choices for quality and speed in production and distributing labels. Lorenplast is able to provide a complete service: thanks to a production that is completely carried out in the Vicenza headquarters, the company is able to process every order by meticulously following every single processing stage. In 2019 Lorenplast invested in cutting edge machinery for the production of labels made of cardstock: a choice that meets a growing demand for products that are environmentally sustainable.

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Our customers

A service for everyone

The experience gained over the years has allowed Lorenplast to develop a production strategy that can meet any type of order, whether it comes from small commercial businesses such as accessories shops or jewellers, or from large production chains. With Lorenplast the customer can be assured of having direct contact with the production, avoiding pointless mediations, and simplifying communication, thus managing to collaborate in the best way possible.


Lorenplast worldwide

Lorenplast deals with the execution of the designed and customised project according to the customer’s request. Each product is followed in every single stage, from thearrival of the order to its shipment.
Thanks to the company’s versatility established over the years, it receives orders from all over the world, from Australia to China, South Africa, and Israel, ensuring professional logistics management.

Future projects

  • 900 sqm company expansion;
  • A further new warehouse;
  • Resource management optimisation;
  • Construction of a company showroom.

he production process
is constantly monitored
by qualified personnel.


For complex products
that require special
attention to detail.


Logistics is
completely carried out
by Lorenplast.


For any
type of product.

If you require further information for your order of labels and seals, you can contact the company here.


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